The Loaded Café already had delicious, supersized meals. They just needed a website that was as fun as they were. Luckily, they were in good hands with Network Bizz.

Specific Functions

The Loaded Café started out with a very simple four-page web site. We redesigned the site using plenty of visuals for a fun experience and food you could almost taste. New features included custom, full-width sliders, and an on-site restaurant locator. We also launched an effective social media campaign, used keywords to make it more SEO friendly and redesigned the site so that it would have multi-platform accessibility.

Decreased Bounce Rate
Generated Traffic On Instagram
Increase In General Traffic
Great design, great restaurant

A branded look for an established family restaurant.

The features used in the improvement of this web site included:

  • Website custom re-design
  • Custom mapping functionalities
  • Social media Instagram segmentation strategy

As a result of these improvements, the bounce rate on the web site is down by 35% while new user visits are up by 60%. Traffic, in general is up by 150% and Instagram engagement is up by 300%. Contact Network Bizz to find out how we can increase your customer engagement!

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