So pleased with the past promotion and website building Networking Bizz did for their company in the past, the Loaded Café decided to use Networking Bizz again when launching their Free Crepe campaign. This was a coupon campaign that allowed customers to get a free crepe with any drink purchase and was designed to get people in the restaurant and trying their new creme menu.

Specific Functions

In order to promote the campaign, Networking Bizz employed the following:

  1. SMS Blasting for campaign promotion
  2. Social media posts and advertisements for campaign promotion
  3. Yelp organic marketing for campaign promotion
  4. Paid ad campaigns on Instagram and Facebook
  5. Website pop-ups
  6. Automated and direct messaging on Instagram
  7. Promotional website slider on the website’s homepage

When the campaign was through, the restaurant was yet again satisfied with their lasting success and the promotion, which increased the restaurant’s visibility.

Direct Redemptions & Countless Assisted Sales
Another successful campaign!

Promoting your business, one ad at a time

The ad spend on this site was only $300, yet it resulted in 450-500 uses per restaurant. It also resulted in increased revenue of around 54k total in three of its restaurants!

The company’s increased visibility on social media has brought more traffic to their site and their compelling new design encourages customers to stay on pages longer making them more likely to convert. If you are looking to launch a promotional campaign for your business, contact Networking Bizz to find out what we can do for you.

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