Laura’s Boutique already took it to the next level, offering young women great work out wear and sexy, hip day and night time looks. But they needed a web site with updated technology to match their cool vibe. That’s why they called Networking Bizz first.

Specific Functions

Networking Bizz identified client problems in tracking industry across their 3 stores and warehouses. As a result, they re-designed the site on the Shopify e-commerce website network. They placed some custom functionalities and backend apps including a warehousing custom script, a local pickup store script and a built-in Shopify programming language. They also implemented a warehousing system that allowed easy tracking of items that would help with logistics for shipping and inventory. They worked with the design assuring an improved user experience that would make it easy to browse and buy.

The website is complete with the following:

  1. Website re-design
  2. Social media integrations
  3. Warehousing custom system
Increase in sales after new site launch
Increase in total revenue through all stores attributed to online boost
Decrease in ad spend due to optimized content
Cute and trendy

Trendy clothes with a trendy theme.

After working with Networking Bizz, Laura’s Boutique was able to run business more efficiently and their easy to navigate website resulted in a 400% increase in conversions.

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