Ingenium Technical Services is an aerospace engineering and technology company founded by a group of senior engineers…but sometimes even a rocket scientist needs a leg up when it comes to web design!

The company needed an update and luckily, with Networking Bizz, they were in the right hands!

Specific Functions

We helped them improve their branding giving them a modern look and feel that was more reflective of the services the company provided. This helped them better appeal to customers and prospective clientele.

We improved the functionality of their web site making it easy for new clients to find out more about the company’s mission, as well as their previous clients and alliances with others.

Networking Bizz also integrated a Large File Transfer application which allows employees to share and upload files using a secure, password protected pages. This updated cyber security is crucial to the aerospace engineering industry.

Time it took to gain more clients
Increase in new user visits month after month
New clients as a result of the new website
An out of this world design

Completely modernized and updated

As a result of our efforts, Ingenium has a new, modern image and provides a user experience that is sure to attract more clients and keep them coming back.

5/5 (1 Review)