Hazel and Olive boutique website design

Networking Bizz updated the Hazel and Olive website so that it now features a colorful array of their beautiful clothing presented in a clean format. Users can simply click on the items that appeal to them to be taken to a shopping cart that allows them to purchase clothing easily. Networking Bizz built the site in Shopify framework with custom ORDORO API implementations for inventory management and warehousing analytics. The custom website design allowed for app implementations and a rewards system. We also made sure the company had high visibility on social media allowing users to view clothing on those platforms and click through to the web site.

Specific Functions

Functions included in the building of this website are as follows:

  1. Custom website design and development
  2. ORDORO Custom API
  3. Branded rewards
Increase in total sales revenue for year
Increase in traffic to brick n mortar stores
Increase in combined website speed
Neat and trendy

A practical theme with amazing benefits!

Since working with Networking Bizz, the Hazel and Olive site has increased traffic overall due to higher visibility on social media. Customers are finding a more pleasant user experience making them want to stay on the site longer and making them more likely to purchase an item.

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