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El Sushi Loco is a restaurant serving unique Japanese Mexican cuisine. While that might be enough to peak the interest of their target audience, social media played a big part in helping their company to grow.

Specific Functions

They enlisted the help of Networking Bizz from the very start. As a result, their Instagram followers went from zero to 30k and their Facebook followers went from zero to 15k.

And not only did Networking Bizz help them grow their following, they maintain all social media for their restaurant working as if they were their own in house marketing team. They create engaging posts and send them out on a regular basis. As a result, the restaurant is able to reach a total of 60k social media followers a day.

Total Followers through all social and databases
Increase in average google maps and SEO listing actions: Phone, Directions, Visits to website
Average increase in website conversion actions
Bold colors, bold flavors

Maintaining an amazing restaurant's reputation!

Planning engaging content and posting it every day can be a huge responsibility when you are trying to run a company. Leave your social media management in our hands and find out how we can help you grow your following and increase your bottom line.

Contact Networking Bizz to see what they can do for your startup.

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