Chill Solutions website design

Chill Solutions offered cutting edge products when it came to thermoelectric solutions. But their web site just wasn’t conveying the modern message they wanted it to send. Networking Bizz stepped in to make some much needed improvements.

Specific Functions

Networking Bizz started by adding a custom web design. The updated look, blocky images, and bright colors gave the site the cutting edge vibe the company wanted to convey.

Custom product pages were the next step. These pages made products easier to find and gave customers full descriptions of what they were interested in allowing them to make educated purchasing decisions they could feel confident about.

Finally, Networking Bizz provided Shopify website development. This convenient e-commerce platform made it easier for customers to buy and companies to sell and keep track of stock working as a time and cost efficient solution.

Increase in average monthly conversions
Increase in mobile load speed
Decrease in bounce rate after launch
Cool theme for a cool website

A fantastic Shopify Theme!

As a result of the updates, Chill Solutions is now attracting more customers to their site and customers are staying on longer due to the browsability and engaging design. Longer browse times are equaling increased revenue and the company is also saving time and money with a more efficient way of doing business.

Do you feel like your web site can be attracting more customers and making it easier for you to run your business? Contact Networking Bizz to find out how to make the much needed improvements that will work to move your company forward.

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