The BeeU Boutique definitely has what it takes when it comes to offering their customers trendy, sexy looks. They just needed a web site that would be as cutting edge as their fashion. Luckily, they knew where to turn. Networking Bizz was there with great online solutions

Specific Functions

The website was redesigned to feature an Omnichannel POS system which would create a control system for two interlocking retail stores, an e-commerce store, and a way to track inventory. The website’s format was also updatedmaking. it easier to navigate and view merchandise and make purchases. A social media campaign was put into effect in an effort to bring more customers to the website.

Record breaking sales after start
Increase in revenue year-over year for the high record breaking month
Average pay-per-click conversion rate during first two quarters

Redesigned for aesthetics and functionality

As a result of Networking Bizz’s efforts, the business saw growth including a 55% increase in total business sales during the first quarter. They were able to acquire 5000 email subscribers for their weekly blast and their social media following increased significantly. They were also able to enjoy the convenience of a site that functioned efficiently. 

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