The Antojitos Martin Snack and Juice Bar was already a neighborhood favorite, but they needed the right marketing to make them a destination that would be sought out by anyone in need of a unique, healthy boost. Networking Bizz knew just the thing that would help them get ahead.

Specific Functions

Using the popular medium of video, we created a short that showed the healthy food, clean interior and terrific service the establishment offered. We featured the juice bar’s bright colors and quirky images to bring a modern feel while capitalizing on the sense of ethnicity that is innate to the business. We also added a vibrant soundtrack that would draw viewers in.

Increase in Sales After Campaign Launch
Increase in Social Media & Website Visibility
Average Pay-Per-Click Conversion Rate
Paid video ad variations creative

The first steps towards recognition

As a result, this delicious neighborhood snack bar grew and continues to gain more regulars.

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