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AltaMed had great health care resources but this important service required the ease of use that made it easy for users to find the vital information it provided. It needed to promote AltaMed as ACA enrollment experts for Obama care and support the ongoing AltaMed Marketing campaigns with Digital Brand awareness and remarketing.

Networking Bizz started by launching SEM campaigns across the Google Search Network and Google Display Network implementing search ads with call extensions, keyword specific ads, Facebook geo-targeted ads and a sample Youtube campaign. They geo-targeted search ads for competitive keywords resulting in a 15% higher rate of traffic from mobile users. They also made the site more user friendly with easy to find services while helping to create brand awareness among the site’s target audience.

Record breaking leads
Combined clicks from search, display, youtube, FB and IG
Leads that became full qualified appointments
Record Breaking results for 2015 ACA Campaign

SEM knocked it out of the ballpark after 806 leads

As a result of the Networking Bizz campaign, the site increased its traffic considerably with users coming in from a number of markets including social media, website referrals and more. Conversion rates were 21.5%, a number that far exceeds industry standards. With this kind of success rate, you can’t afford not to find out what Networking Bizz can do for your company.

AltaMed full integrated campaign spanned across these networks:

  • Google Search
  • Google Display
  • Google Remarketing
  • Youtube
  • Youtube Remarketing
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Native Content ( Taboola )
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