A Place In TIme needed a website that would represent their products with a soft and playful look that appealed to their target audiences. The website needed to be able to create a branded look that reflected on their products as well. After collaborating with Network Bizz, the brand found the solution it was looking for.

Specific Functions

In order to significantly improve A Place In Time’s online presence and marketing results, we did the following:

  1. Developed a website with established branded colors and accurate reflection of products
  2. Implemented a soft color scheme along with a layout and experience that would be soothing and enhance the customer’s experience
  3. Creation of an expanded menu
  4. Created custom product pages
  5. Created a branded cart
  6. Social media integration that brought more on-site traffic

Once the site was ready, Network Bizz was able to hand over the reins to the company offering documentation sessions that would help the client become knowledgeable on how to run their own E-commerce website store.

Bounce Rate After Re-Design, Decreased from 85% Bounce Rate
Record Months Of Website Supplemental Sales
Increase In Walk In Traffic
A great design

A theme reflective of the brand

The features used in the improvement of this web site included:

  • Website custom design
  • Branding design
  • Site documentation & instruction

The company’s increased visibility on social media has brought more traffic to their site and their compelling new design encourages customers to stay on pages longer making them more likely to convert. Find out how Network Bizz can boost your website design and increase your bottom line.

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