The 1810 Restaurant was a sleek and modern eatery that offered quality food and cocktails for locals. They just needed the right branding to project their urban image and make them the success they deserved to be.

Specific Functions

At Networking Bizz, we knew we had our work cut out for us.

We completely overhauled their branding identity creating a hip menu and concept signage. We designed a web site that was clean, current, SEO optimized and easy to navigate. We provided photography they could use on their web site and in social media to project their new image.

Record breaking months of sales because of SEO
Increase in average monthly calls from Local Google Listings
Decrease in bounce rate measured from Google Analytics
Deliciously simplistic

Simple and clean design for a scrumptious restaurant

The restaurant is now a thriving neighborhood hotspot and their elegant website just speaks for itself.

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