Video projects specialized for your website

Video projects are one of the best ways to take your products and marketing to the next level. Whether you’re a small start-up or an established player in the industry, video content and production brings a new dimension to your business. Visual media is the most dominant medium of communication on the web today, and companies who tap into this resource come ahead of their competitors.

Conventional marketing strategies are slowly phasing out because customers also value their time. And the video-medium is today, the fastest means of getting your message across to people. Video marketing is a non-negotiable element for any business that wants to stay on top. Quality video elements on your website and marketing can boost different components of your business altogether. When you put up engaging video content, these are just some of the many advantages you get:

  • Let people understand your product & services better
  • Communicate more effectively in less time. People are more receptive to information in video-visuals than text.
  • Capture people’s interest through easily understandable video-narratives.
  • Develop brand affiliation among existing clients & potential customers.
  • Better visibility in social media feeds
  • Share your story/pitch with more conviction

These and a lot more other benefits await you when you opt for video projects for your business. Prevailing stats reveal that people tend to get drawn more towards companies with video content. Whether it is higher click-through rates or better conversion numbers, video production is the way forward if you want to grow beyond the ordinary.

How Networking Bizz helps with video content specialized for your websites

With the widespread use of video production, video content online has constantly been increasing. Sometimes, businesses that fail to grasp the technical elements of formatting can get drowned out amidst the barrage of visual marketing present today. At Networking Bizz, we like to go into every detail, creating video content that is especially suited for websites. Every clip or video made for your business is enhanced for optimum performance. This ensures that your video works and loads faster than other sites.

Video formatting is also done with the aim of creating maximum engagement and sales. The videos are structured in such a way that audiences naturally move on to your POS or product section.

E-commerce Product Video/ Product 360 Video Services

If you are an e-commerce business, product videos are crucial in promoting and showcasing your items. Whenever potential customers visit your website, they rely a lot on the appearance of the product. Since they cannot physically inspect the items, the video and images largely determine whether they purchase or not. A product video, more than a picture, can showcase your items is the right angles and aesthetic manner. Our 360 video highlights can present your products in the most impressive and lucid perspectives because they give you a complete view of the item.

The product video matters even more if your items are displayed in e-marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. Since these platforms have a lot of competing goods and items, you need yours to stand out from the crowd. A good video-showcase is exactly what seals the deal when so many other similar products are vying for the customer’s attention.

Small to Medium-sized Productions

We understand that not all businesses are looking for large-scale productions. There are times and contexts where a smaller or mid-sized presentation is simply ideal and more effective. Smaller productions are not just better for budgets, but also easier to broadcast on a wider spectrum. Small and medium businesses have the most to gain with these types of video projects. The main advantage is that they can be packaged in a way that delivers fast and efficiently. This means it can conveniently be shared over your social media handles and reach the maximum audience.

These smaller productions are also easier to embed on your homepage so that visitors get a glimpse of your brand. They can also be attached to any other marketing strategy and quickly build your product and brand to a broader audience.

Video Distribution Channels

Thanks to virtual networking today, businesses have tons of ways in which they can share their videos with a wider audience.
Let’s look at a few avenues you can delve into:


Facebook remains of the best places to garner attention and engagement. Whether it’s for In- stream ads or your Facebook story, we carve out the best video presentations for your brand. We structure your video based on technical best practices as well as video metrics.


Youtube is undoubtedly the most effective source of gathering organic traffic. Your videos can be tailored into Tutorials, product reviews, presentations, etc. We optimize your videos for maximum response to search queries.

Marketing Campaigns

Engaging videos are at the center of marketing campaigns that make an impact. We focus on building a personal and human connection with your audience. Whether it is a sincere message, a nostalgic experience, or an amusing plot, your videos should instantly appeal to viewers.


Crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo both admit that video content gathers over 100 percent more support than other entries. We identify your core strength and branding so that it is presented in a story and tone that resonates with people everywhere.

Video production that is superior and specially tailored for websites and e-commerce

Here at Networking Bizz, we share and enjoy a ‘visual-culture’ that is translated into every project and service we offer. This culture is brought to its creative best when we have clients whose businesses require video and visual production. This unique trait is what separates us from other services. Whether it’s for your website or e-commerce platform, we draw out what is unique and impressive in your brand and your products.

Our Video Studio Services can accommodate any requirement

Our top-of-the-line video studio can accommodate any production requirement you have. We are committed to creating personal and engaging video content that can re-create a business’s image or enhance an existing brand. Our primary video content can contain any or all of the following:

  • A gripping ‘teaser’ that immediately captures the interests of audiences
  • Strategic placement of your brand identity/logos for recognition
  • Compelling and thought-provoking segments that can showcase your product or service
  • Challenges or call-to-action elements that encourage viewers to connect with you

We do not outsource or hire external resources for any of our video projects. Each production is personalized and delivered in-house, where we nurture your story from start to finish. Regardless of the format and structure you require, our cutting-edge tools and industry-leading skills will create a compelling story for you.

Have a great video idea for your business? Talk to us. We would love to help you make it better

One of the things we love most in video projects is when our clients have a concept or outline ready. Any idea that comes from you is authentic because you know your business better than anyone. We take it as a privilege to be able to collaborate by adding our expertise and fine-tuning skills to whatever conception you already have.

We enhance your video-projects by adding a personal touch that resonates with viewers. In an age of tech and AI, we believe that your business connects better with people when it includes the ‘human’ component. This and a lot more other benefits await you when you sign up with us!

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